About Us

Town House Motel can be considered as one of the best places available in Podstrana for the people to have a short stay. All the required facilities are provided for them to enjoy the stay. This is a 4 star high class family hotel and it consists of 22 deluxe rooms and 7 suites. You can expect the luxury and comfort offered by a 4 start hotel while you are spending your time at Town House Motel.

A variety of facilities are being offered for the people who stay at Town House Motel to let them enjoy their stay. For example, an air conditioner unit and a heat pump is offered, which can help the guests to stay comfortable at any time of the year. You just need to set the preferred temperature and it would take necessary steps to make your environment comfortable to live in.

All the luxury amenities can be found inside the rooms of Town House Motel. All these are new and you would never come across any worn out product. You would love to enter the room by stepping on the new carpet. A 40” LED television can be found in every room of Town House Motel. In addition, a microwave and a freezer are provided to every room, so that you can have your meals without going through any hassle. A free continental breakfast is being provided to all the guests as well.

In order to enjoy a good night’s sleep, you are provided with a pillow top bed at Town House Motel. You would feel like you are spending time at your own home while you are sleeping on this bed. Town House Motel is looking forward to do new windows within this year and you would feel like you are spending time in a newly constructed hotel with all the luxurious facilities.

The swimming pool at Town House Motel is currently undergoing some renovations in order to provide an enhanced experience to the guests. It would be open to you somewhere in April or May. Apart from the swimming pool, there is a separate fish cleaning area as well. If you are looking forward to throw a small party, you can do it by the pool side. Or else, Town House Motel has got a small BBQ area, which can be used to have fun along with your loved ones.

Plenty of attractions can be found around Town House Motel as well. They include Bishop, which is known for fishing as well. In addition, you will be able to find a railroad museum, which is open throughout the year. Plenty of campaign grounds can also be found in the area. During your stay at Town House Motel, you can think about visiting these attractions. In the month of May, they are looking forward to have the Mule’s Day parade as well and you could be lucky enough to take part in it.